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The My Site Witness app is design specifically for UK house builders following the release of Building Regulations Part L1 2021. With effect from 15th June 2022 all new build dwellings are required to provide photographic during the construction phase of the project to qualitatively record the as built construction of certain and important features which affect the energy performance of the dwelling.

The My Site Witness app Pro includes all the following features to ensure compliance with the requirements set out in Appendix B of the Part L1 approved document. For a full list of whats required visit our help page.

File Name

Digital Files

All images are saved to your device with the file name automatically saved in accordance with the Appendix B format i.e P1/B3

Date & Time

Date & Time

All images are presented with the date & time stamp directly into the image itself. 

Plot Number

Plot Selection

Label your images with the plot number. This helps others identify your photos and videos with ease.

Photo & Video

Photos & Videos

Both photos in Full Screen, 9:16, 3:4, 1:1, 4:3, 16:9 and videos as we know somethings it's just easier with a video.

Photo References

Image References

Before you take your photo or video simply select the photo reference from a predefined list which is shown on the image itself.

Your Logo

Custom Logo

Add your own company logo to fully personalise your images and videos. Helps others instantly identify your projects.



All images are presented  with the project address, a map together with the specific latitude & longitude even altitude.

Project Naming


Label your images with a project name. This helps others identify your photo or video with ease.



Add additional notes to your images to help describe particular parts of your photo. Such as the thickness or insulation or the model number of the heating system.

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